Farm House Kitchen

Heat and Eat Dinners

Dinner Just got easier !!
Ingredients you can pronounce - a meal your family will love.

-Spinach and sausage lasagna $16.00
-Pulled pork with house-made BBQ sauce $14.00 GF/DF
-Chicken and vegetable curry over basmati rice $16.00
-Buffalo chicken macaroni & cheese w/ blue cheese crumb topping $16.00
-Smoky bacon macaroon and cheese $16.00
-Traditional beef and mashed potato Shepherd's Pie $18.00 GF
-Chicken and chive dumplings $16.00
-Mom's meatloaf...only better $18.00 DF
-4 cheese turkey manicotti with house-made marinara $16.00
-Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas $16.00 V
-Classic chicken pot pie with a puff pastry crust $16.00

-Smokey ham and split pea soup $8/quart     -Cream of asparagus soup $8/quart
-Beef barley soup $8/quart                   -

-Fall vegetable soup $8/quart GF              -White turkey chili $8/quart GF  
-Sausage, white bean & kale soup $8/quart    -Vegetarian chili $8/quart GF/VG       
-Turkey Vegetable with Wild Rice $8/quart     -Tomato Florentine with Italian Sausage $8/quart


Pick up at The Farmhouse Kitchen or Sackets Harbor Country Mart or 1,000 River Rat Cheese Store in Clayton.
Delivery available on Wednesday ($7.00 delivery charge)
Call for more information or to order: 315.408.2046

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